Referral Terms

  • This form must be completed fully and clearly by a recognised Referral Agent.
  • It must not be completed by the client.
  • We can only accept requests submitted on the Request Form.
  • An alternative contact for the client is mandatory. This can be a partner, family member, support worker or friend, as long as they can be contacted as early as 8am on the day of delivery.
  • Please consider the room area, hallways, door sizes and access when ordering furniture and make us aware of any limitations in the notes.
  • Please make sure any special requirements are listed in the notes.
  • Please note that there is a maximum of 2 new mattresses per referral request.
  • Please make sure you have indicated if the charges are to be paid by the client or the referral agency. If the referral agency is paying the charge we will send an invoice after delivery has taken place, please let us know if we need to send the invoice to an alternative person/address.
  • Once we receive the request we will contact the client to discuss their requirements and advise of a delivery date. If the client is not able to be contacted by phone, then please add this in the notes.
  • Clients are not permitted to view and select items before delivery. We will ensure we will provide good, clean quality, fit for purpose furniture. If there is a medical need we may be able to make an exception for the client to try the furniture in advance.
  • The client is responsible for ensuring there is someone over the age of 18 to receive delivery with payment where appropriate.
  • Any failed delivery which is reinstated may result in additional charges and may require payment in advance.
  • Staff shortages or hazardous conditions may result in delivery to the front door only.
  • All items requested will be subject to availability. We do not hold a waiting list.
  • We do not supply large electrical items or white goods on referral. These items may on occasion be available to purchase from the shop.
  • If you require items which are not listed, then please contact us.

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