Referral Terms

  • A referral form must only be used by a recognised Referral Agency.
  • The form must be completed fully by the Referral Agent and NOT by the Client.
  • We cannot accept requests unless they are on the appropriate referral form. Except for online requests the form must be signed by the Referral Agent.
  • Online requests will not be fulfilled without verification of the Referral Agent and Agency.
  • Personal data is processed under the provisions of the GDPR 2016. Before a request is processed by Roundabout the Referral agent and the Client must have read and understood Roundabout’s Privacy Policy (incorporating the Roundabout Data Retention & Destruction Policy) available on the Roundabout web site.
  • All items requested will be subject to availability at the time of receipt of the referral. We do not hold a waiting list.
  • The Client is NOT permitted to choose items at the warehouse before delivery except in very exceptional circumstances where prior agreement must be sought from the Manager.
  • The Client must ensure there is someone available to receive the delivery with payment where appropriate.
  • The Referral Agent may make arrangements for their Client to collect their furniture from our warehouse when the need is urgent. In these cases we require at least 2 working days notice. Warehouse collections can be made between 9.30am and 12 noon from Monday to Thursday excepting Bank Holidays.
  • Payment where required from the Client must be made before or at the time of delivery or collection from the warehouse. No delivery or warehouse collection can be made in those cases where payment is due, before or at the time of delivery or collection, and is not made. This includes failure to answer the door and non-attendance at the time of delivery.
  • The Client may decline any items of furniture that are considered unsuitable at the time of delivery or collection from the warehouse. There will be no charge made for these items.
  • Any failed delivery which is reinstated may result in additional charges (e.g. wasted journey fee of £30). No subsequent delivery will be made without a cleared payment made in advance unless it has been authorised by the Manager or his Deputy.
  • Staff shortages may result in the Client’s furniture only being delivered to the roadside door of the Client’s address.

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