Welcome to Roundabout

Monday to Thursday: 9am – 1pm
(except Bank Holidays)
First Saturday in month: 10am – 2pm
Tel: 01386 83 30 30
(answerphone available out of hours)
We have volunteering opportunities in the warehouse, office and shop. If you wish to help, please get in touch.
See our volunteering page for background.

In order for us to continue to provide a quality service to our referral clients, it will be necessary for us to incorporate a £10 delivery charge (inc. VAT) on sales outside of the marked area from 1st April 2019. This is due to increased running costs, but without passing the burden on to our referral clients. Referral prices have not been increased in the last 5 years and we want to continue to provide items to people in need at a manageable cost. If you are suffering financial hardship, the delivery charge may be reduced, or waived at the discretion of the manager.

COVID-19 Response
As of today Tuesday 24th March 2020 Roundabout will be closed for the foreseeable future as of Government request.
We apologise for any inconvenience

Roundabout is an Evesham based charity serving the local community. We re-use household furniture and effects by receiving donated items from the public to distribute to those in need. Members of the public are welcome to visit our Warehouse and Shop at Blackminster Business Park. We rely on sales to support our work.

  • Supporting individuals and families since 1994
  • Redistributing furniture and household goods to those in need
  • Minimising waste and encouraging re-use of unwanted household articles
  • Removing 1,000s of tonnes of re-useable furniture from the waste system
  • Aiding local charities, CAB, Social Services and many others
  • Offering volunteering opportunities

Working in partnership with:

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