Need Furniture?

Do you, or someone you know need help with the provision of household furniture? To access our service it is necessary to be referred by a caring organisation, such as those listed here . If you have been referred to us by this method, you do not have to undergo any form of means test or investigation into any benefits you may receive.

Referral Procedure

A person in need of furniture (the client) should contact a referral agency and request a referral agent complete a referral request. As a general rule Roundabout may only provide assistance if the intended client is unable to afford the item(s) requested and there is no statutory help available or it has been refused. The referral agent can fill in the form in one of three ways:-

  1. Fill in a paper copy available in the agency’s office.  Mail or fax it to us.
  2. Download and print a PDF file of the form from this website and fill it in.  Mail or fax it to us.
  3. Complete the online referral form in this website.  When submitted this will be received by us as an email.

The form MUST NOT be completed by the client.

Once a referral request has been received, we will establish whether we have all of the items in stock. We will also check for the next available delivery date in the client’s area. If we have any queries regarding the referral request we will contact the client and/or the referral agency to try and resolve them. We will then process the referral request via our computer system and contact the client and referral agent detailing the delivery date and whether A.M or P.M along with details of the small administrative charge to be paid by the client or the referral agency.

If the delivery date is not suitable, please contact us as soon as possible to arrange a more convenient time.

We will contact the client on the working day before the designated delivery date to confirm the delivery.

If the client is paying the administrative charge for the items supplied, we must have the money available in cash or payment by card before we can unload the items.

If the referral agency is paying the administrative charge, we will send an invoice for payment after delivery.

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